Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Closing of the 2009 Trout Season

The fishing season on Trout waters officially ends in the Czech Republic on November 30th, so the last November weekend was a good opportunity to close the season in style. I went with my good friend Vlado to our favorite small stream, where he most conveniently has a great fishing cabin.

The weather was great (for late November) with both air and water temperature about 5°C and the sun shining the whole short day through. The sun was however too weak to thaw the puddles that froze over the night. Water was low and very clear - all the fallen leaves are long gone.

Even though some midges were hatching by mid day and an odd small mayfly could be seen fluttering around the stream no fish were rising and the low temperature ruled out dry fly fishing. We were left which choice of either nymph or a clear and utter failure.

I experimented for a while with Czech nymph setup - I have not really tested my 11ft AFTMA 3 rod I acquired for this purpose - but the clear water and low temperature made the fish wary. The unwieldy thing turned out to be much more efficient in decorating trees than catching fish. Vlado on the other hand chose setup of two small pink Czech nymphs fished under an indicator, which he fished at some distance and which proved much more productive. After seeing I was being thoroughly beaten I took up a shorter rod, bummed an indicator of Vlado and went on catching fish on my Pink Bug.

The short November day was soon over and we retreated to Vlado's cabin, where we finished the day with some Beaujolais, New Zealand fishing porn (fish of such size ought to be outlawed) and making plans for the 2010 season.

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