Sunday, June 26, 2011

Caddis Pupae

A bunch of caddis pupae for a swap. Although the swap is in the UK the flies are of a local pattern that has turned to be successful on Ohře, one of the most enigmatic of Czech rivers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Memories of BFFI 2011

This year was my first as a featured tier at the British Fly Fair International, and in addition I was invited to give a presentation on tying the Czech style nymphs in the Fly Tying Theatre. No wonder the show left me with some very strong memories.

I was tying next to Scott Kane from Scotland, a true gentleman and a genuine master of the Clyde style fly dressing, and Roger Salomonsson of Sweden, a versatile tier of both Trout and Tarpon flies. It was both inspiring and fun company.

It was good to meet with a fellow East European tier Stoyan Filipov (who - unlike the civilized Britons, appreciates the qualities of a fine Sliwovitz) and the fly tying legend Alice Conba.

I met with Patrick Del Fatti from Switzerland, an unassuming gentleman and a wet fly tier of uncompromising perfection.

I truly appreciated the full dress Salmon flies tied entirely in hand by Jens Pilgaard. Jens is truly unique in being able to change his personality from tweed clad English country gentleman to a bare chested Viking blacksmith (and back again).

And for the whole BFFI weekend I was truly grateful for the warm welcome of the UK Fly Dressing Forum gang, who graciously made a stranger with a foreign accent truly welcome.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Almost ready for the BFFI...

... just hope the customs people don't come asking me funny questions at the airport. The contents of my bag might be hard to explain to the uninitiated :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lost & Found

A friend came visiting to the Czech Republic, a great chap I had been in contact via the internet and whom I hoped to finally meet in person. Alas, I was detained by other obligations and we missed each other.

A few days after his leaving I went fishing the river Kamenice. While working a very fishy pool in the Frenchy nymph style I felt a strike; but when I set the hook I found out I had not hooked a fish, just a very tangled leader. When I examined it in detail I found that it had still some flies attached - and from just one look at the flies I knew they were left there by a particular Scotsman. So here is one for Mr. Craig McDonald from Glasgow :)