Thursday, February 24, 2011

Orange Quill Spinner

The end of the winter is nowhere in sight, and any chance for decent fishing seems remote. I decided to seek solace in tying spent spinners, which remind me of warm summer evenings.

The tie:
#16 Hanák 130 BL hook
14/0 Sheer thread Grey
Coq de León tails
homemade Orange peacock quills (Hot Orange from Veniard) for abdomen
Tiemco Aero Dry Wing for wing
homemade hare dubbing for thorax

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hare Emerger

The honor to be the first patten in my newly empty Grayling box fell to the Hare's Emerger. It was not a surprising choice - it is a pattern that has brought me many a fine fish over the years, one in which I have an absolute confidence. The combination of scruffy hare dubbing, CDC and a little flash has served me well in many a difficult fishing situation.

The tie:
#18 Hanák 130 BL hook
14/0 Sheer thread Grey
three strands of orange Krystal Flash
UNI #16 gold tinsel
homemade scruffy Hare dubbing
two fine CDC feather tips

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Чистка - 2011 version

The time has come for the annual fly box housekeeping. So like Iosif Vissarionovich of old I gave a hard look to my little Grayling box. In total 180 dry flies and 20 nymphs were found ideologically wanting and were purged without mercy.

The flies seemed to be relatively OK, so I will give them away to some friend or other. And the thought of all the empty spaces, eagerly waiting to be filled with series of new 2011 fly models fills me with trepidation :)