Saturday, February 5, 2011

Чистка - 2011 version

The time has come for the annual fly box housekeeping. So like Iosif Vissarionovich of old I gave a hard look to my little Grayling box. In total 180 dry flies and 20 nymphs were found ideologically wanting and were purged without mercy.

The flies seemed to be relatively OK, so I will give them away to some friend or other. And the thought of all the empty spaces, eagerly waiting to be filled with series of new 2011 fly models fills me with trepidation :)


  1. I recently did the same. Strange how last seasons flies were good enough to catch plenty fish but doesn't quite make it this year. :-)

  2. :-) I suppose it has to do with the irrational need to tie more, more and more flies - while the space in your fly boxes and vest is finite.
    It just does not do to face the river looking as the Michelin man.