Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The fish of Kamenice

I am spending a few days on Kamenice. I managed to catch the four salmonid species present in the river during a single day: the Grayling (my all time favorite), Brown trout, and two introduced species: Rainbow trout and Brook trout. All of them could be persuaded to take a dry fly, which was even more fun.

Friday, May 13, 2011


I was told men find redheads sexy. Now the $1000 question: do trout as well?

The tie:
Dohiku 301 #14 hook
brown UNI thread
Coq de León tails
tan Muskrat dubbing
UNI Pearl Tinsel, counterribed
3-4 CDC feathers
scruffy Hare dubbing, well teased out
red Danville thread, 70 dernier just for the head

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Green Fairy

One has but to wonder how the French came to invent the famous leader technique: since no reliable history is known perhaps I might be allowed to fantasy that it is came as a thujone induced hallucination out of a dark recess of a twisted mind...

To keep with my Absinthe inspired idea I decided to call this little creation the Green Fairy.

The tie:
#14 Dohiku 302 wet fly hook
2.0 mm tungsten bead copper
14/0 Sheer thread gray
tail of grizzly rooster
home dyed peacock quill - Olive
home dyed rabbit fur - Hot Orange