Monday, September 29, 2014

Hare's Ear Emerger

The summer is over, and as the days are getting shorter and weather colder I am finishing preparations for the grayling season.

One of the key steps is to ensure that I am fully stocked on this little fly. I am not sure what exactly makes it succeed, but its appeal to grayling is undeniable. I would feel naked having to face a dry fly situation without an ample supply.

The tie:
#18 Dohiku 301 dry fly hook
grey Sheer 14/0 tying thread
3 strands of orange Krystal flash
body of Hare's Ear dubbing
ribbed with Gütermann sulky tinsel
wing of 3 CDC feather tips
thoras / leggs from hare mixed with squirrel

Monday, September 22, 2014

Výrovka / Eagle Owl fly

September is here, the Czech trout season closed and the Grayling are starting to get serious. It is high time to finish replenishing the fly boxes and get to the river.

The Eagle Owl fly is a staple in my fly box. It might seem small in stature, but it is great in appeal. The body of an owl feather has appeal to both fish and fishermen bordering on magical.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ohře Caddis

The river Ohře is known in Czech fly fishing circles for two reasons: the massive and reliable caddis hatch and the real opportunity of a sizable fish striking on a dry fly. With these two aspects in mind I created the following imitation.

It is tied on a wet fly hook, providing more leverage than a regular dry fly hook in the unlikely but oh so much desired event that a real lunker would deign to strike. On most of my river fishing I opt for the lighter gauge hooks, forsaking holding power for finesse, but some rivers and some situations reqire the real thing to actualy net the fish.

The tie:
#12SL Dohiku W hook
tan elastic tying thread
homemade Chrartreuse rabbit fur tag
#12 UNI pearl mylar ribbing
hare fur dubbing for body
4 CDC feather tips for wing
hare & squirrel dubbing for thorax