Thursday, September 4, 2014

Ohře Caddis

The river Ohře is known in Czech fly fishing circles for two reasons: the massive and reliable caddis hatch and the real opportunity of a sizable fish striking on a dry fly. With these two aspects in mind I created the following imitation.

It is tied on a wet fly hook, providing more leverage than a regular dry fly hook in the unlikely but oh so much desired event that a real lunker would deign to strike. On most of my river fishing I opt for the lighter gauge hooks, forsaking holding power for finesse, but some rivers and some situations reqire the real thing to actualy net the fish.

The tie:
#12SL Dohiku W hook
tan elastic tying thread
homemade Chrartreuse rabbit fur tag
#12 UNI pearl mylar ribbing
hare fur dubbing for body
4 CDC feather tips for wing
hare & squirrel dubbing for thorax

1 comment:

  1. Jindra.

    Looks a great fly for any caddis situation. I may try it on my lake fish that are currently tuned into caddis.