Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rhyacophila larva

On a recent fishing trip I brought a couple of insect life samples to play with. I still need a (rather large) bit of practice to acheive the level of my aquatic macrophotography hero Jan Hamrský but I am starting to like my macro shots. A good first step :)

This is a Rhyacophila caddis fly larva, a subject dear to the heart of a fly fisherman (and to the stomach of a grayling fish). It is rumored these were the original inspiration for Czech and Polish style nymphs.

They have a tendency to form a curved position when disturbed, but rarely assume the C shaped position of a typical gammarus hook. Never the less, on streams where Rhyacophila are abundant a sickly green Czech style nymph will not disappoint.