Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Orange Chickabou

Even though I live in a big city I am lucky to have friends and relations who still raise chicken, thus giving me a good supply of home plucked chickabou feathers. These take dye very well, and once dyed Orange they make a sure killing lure for bashing stockies on stillwaters.

I found out that by using the same material, while slightly alternating the hooks and beads used, I can target a somewhat different quarry.

This set of earrings will make a gift to a lady friend.


  1. Every time I get my wife into the local fishing shops, she's all over the fly tying materials, looking for "future jewelry". Awesome.

    Nice work! She would approve.

  2. Thanks, it is a fun diversion from serious fly tying, and I found out that ladies do appreciate presents you handcraft yourself :)

  3. Don´t walk too near the lake with your gorfriend, can be a little dangerous, because big trout, that´s a really beast...fast jump...and where´s the ear? :-))))