Friday, August 19, 2011

Grayling season is nigh... its best to get back to the vice and tie some specks of grey dust.

Here are a couple size 20 mayflies of CDC and Muskrat dubbing, taking a rest on a match.


  1. Jindra, those are great looking. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Jindra, what hooks do you tie these on?

  3. Thanks Martin and Dan!

    flies such as these are fun both to tie and to fish, as I enjoy approaching the ladies of the stream in a delicate fashion :)

    The ones on the picture are tied on #20 Hanák H130 BL hooks, a local Czech brand but very close in shape to Tiemco TMC103BL and Partridge SLD hooks.


  4. So simple and so effective. Great fly in autumn.
    Jan Aben

  5. Cheers Jindra, your flies always give me the urge to tie and these were no exception. I have plenty of 103bls down to a 20 so will give some a go. Have no muskrat though but it looks like mole may be a good substitute.