Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Green Fairy

One has but to wonder how the French came to invent the famous leader technique: since no reliable history is known perhaps I might be allowed to fantasy that it is came as a thujone induced hallucination out of a dark recess of a twisted mind...

To keep with my Absinthe inspired idea I decided to call this little creation the Green Fairy.

The tie:
#14 Dohiku 302 wet fly hook
2.0 mm tungsten bead copper
14/0 Sheer thread gray
tail of grizzly rooster
home dyed peacock quill - Olive
home dyed rabbit fur - Hot Orange


  1. What are you using to dye your quills?

  2. these are Veniard dyes, my favorite; though it would be tempting to dye in Absinthe to get the proper shade of green color :)


  3. Alright cool, I found a place in the UK that will ship that dye to me here in Las Vegas. Do you really think the Absinthe would work? That would be really interesting! Thanks for answering

  4. I am certain Absinthe would not work, but it is an interesting idea to entertain...

  5. Good, cause my dumbass would have tried it and ruined some good materials.

  6. not to mention some good liquor ;-)

  7. Bonjour Jindra.

    Je répond en Français c'est plus facile pour moi,j'espère que cela ne vous dérange pas.L'Absinthe ne fonctionne pas pour teindre les plumes.Mais le curry (épice) fonctionne très bien.Mettre dans une casserole 20cl d'eau+ 2 cuillères à soupe de curry, laisser frémir l'eau et tremper les plumes entre 5 minutes et 15 minutes dans l'eau frémissante, rincer à l'eau claire et laisser sécher sur du papier absorbant . J'espère que la traduction Google fonctionnera bien.
    Cordialement Cyril