Saturday, April 30, 2011

Field testing the Dohiku hooks

With the grayling having just spawned I decided to field test the Dohiku hooks on a water certain to hold only brow trout. With this intention I headed to a small stream west from Prague, which I knew from experience to contain only brownies and some chub.

We did not have any serious rain for a long time, and the water was really low - the stream had flow normally associated with high summer, while it was still only April.

My #16 grayish mayfly of Muskrat fur and CDC matched the hatching mayflies with adequate accuracy, and I had a good sport while confirming the hooking and holding power of my new Dohiku hooks.

I caught a couple brownies in the 20 - 30 cm range on dry fly, but had to cut my trip short due to a sudden storm (complete with hail). The countryside surely deserved the moisture, but the little creek quickly turned muddy and any dry fly action was off.

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