Monday, April 4, 2011

The spring is come!

The spring has finally come - and it arrived in force, with this weekend's temperatures well above 20°C. The rivers are still closed in the Czech republic, so I returned to my favorite stillwater fishery, where last year at about this time I had a very pleasant encounter with whitefish (not to mention the Slivovitz, but that is another matter).

Alas, as the weather was so warm and unseasonably pleasant the whitefish did not materialize. For some reason these mysterious fish prefer foul weather, and the warm spring day completely turned them off. I had to make do with regular rainbow and brook trout, both of which were very welcome after the long winter.

One thing this visit had in common with last years was the fact that the key to unlock the secrets of the water was a smallish black buzzer, fished static on the shallows on a floating line and a long fluorocarbon leader.

The tie:
#10 Kamasan B160 Hook
UNI 6/0 Thread black
UNI 1/69" Mylar Pearl for rib
Orange stretch floss for wing buds
2 - 3 layers of clear varnish

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