Friday, April 29, 2011

New Hooks

My favorite dry fly hooks brand, Hanák from České Budějovice, has lately started having even worse supply problems than usual. I was told it has to do with the earthquake in Japan, where their hooks are manufactured, but regardless of cause it annoys me greatly. I am a conservative person by nature, but when I was unable to purchase size 16 Hanák H130BL anywhere in Prague I was forced to try out a new brand of hooks - I decided on Dohiku from Slovakia.

The tie:
#16 Dohiku 301 dry fly hook
8/0 UNI thread tan
Coq de León tails
natural Muskrat fur
3 CDC feathers for wing
scruffy hare dubbing for thorax, teased out with a velcro brush to suggest legs

So far I am happy with the change, but yet have to ask the fish for a more definite answer :)

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