Friday, April 1, 2011

How to rouse the passion of a Nyphomaniac?

A tough question indeed... Though from reliable sources I learned that small tokens of affection help in making the nymph truly manic.

In order to ensure success you should use only the finest materials available. Genuine Argentinean hare instead of your local rodent; chemically sharpened hooks of Japanese origin instead of your usual el cheapo barbed monstrosity - such are best be left to the fish. Don't even think about other than genetically pure Rooster! And the bead should of course be of genuine gold, no brass imitation would ever convince a true lady!


  1. Real gold beads were unavailable, but I have done the best I can and hopefully when I come across a nymphomaniac I might have success.

  2. Very nice indeed! Although I wonder why your "Genuine Argentinean hare" is better than my "local rodent"...?? ;D

    1. Well, the Argentinean hare is the most expensive hare dubbing on the market, which is sort of the point :)