Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Most Important Knot

This Saturday, in the chapel of Holy Trinity in the gardens of Červená Lhota chateau, I will be tying the most important knot of them all.

As a result I spent more time in recent weeks preparing these:

Than tying or fishing any of these:

And if my married friends are right it is not likely to get much better soon. But I am still looking forward to the moment... :)


  1. Congratulations! Don't be put off by joking friends. My 42 years of married life have been wonderful. Well they have for me at least!
    Regular Rod

  2. Congratulations....and may many happy years be ahead of you! Cheers!

  3. All the best mate ! If she accepts your wandering by the rivers, then nothing else matters.

  4. During the last few months, I kept thinking to myself, Jindra is either "freshly" dating, just got married or is about to. The "ear flies" only confirmed my suspicion and the changed frequency of new entries in your blog continued :-)
    Then I thought that I only hope his significant other will be as understanding as my wife has been the last 16 years, otherwise I “missed the boat” to take you up on your offer to take me to Jizera a Kamenice.
    All the best and congrats.
    Roman z Prahy

  5. Congratulations Jindra

  6. Také gratuluji,i když opožděně
    Zlom prut !!!