Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Memories of BFFI 2011

This year was my first as a featured tier at the British Fly Fair International, and in addition I was invited to give a presentation on tying the Czech style nymphs in the Fly Tying Theatre. No wonder the show left me with some very strong memories.

I was tying next to Scott Kane from Scotland, a true gentleman and a genuine master of the Clyde style fly dressing, and Roger Salomonsson of Sweden, a versatile tier of both Trout and Tarpon flies. It was both inspiring and fun company.

It was good to meet with a fellow East European tier Stoyan Filipov (who - unlike the civilized Britons, appreciates the qualities of a fine Sliwovitz) and the fly tying legend Alice Conba.

I met with Patrick Del Fatti from Switzerland, an unassuming gentleman and a wet fly tier of uncompromising perfection.

I truly appreciated the full dress Salmon flies tied entirely in hand by Jens Pilgaard. Jens is truly unique in being able to change his personality from tweed clad English country gentleman to a bare chested Viking blacksmith (and back again).

And for the whole BFFI weekend I was truly grateful for the warm welcome of the UK Fly Dressing Forum gang, who graciously made a stranger with a foreign accent truly welcome.


  1. Glad you had a nice time. You for sure deserved to be a featured tier, your flies look bad ass :) Hope you got yourself a new camera btw. cause I would love to see any new flies or Czech rivers. Tight lines !

  2. Thanks Glina, you are very courteous :)
    And yes, for the show I bought a new Canon G12 camera, so my posts will be more frequent again

  3. Yes excellent quality,put us all to shame.

  4. Škoda, že jsi se nedostal k vodě, ale zase jsi jim ukázal, co v tobě dříme, lehká závist...Old "Needle" Hamster