Sunday, June 26, 2011

Caddis Pupae

A bunch of caddis pupae for a swap. Although the swap is in the UK the flies are of a local pattern that has turned to be successful on Ohře, one of the most enigmatic of Czech rivers.


  1. Jindra,

    My river is just coming into the caddis time. Those flies would sure work on my English river?

    Great work.

  2. Hi Richard,

    I have little experience fishing English rivers (none would be more accurate). The fly life in the UK is seriously different from what we have here on the continent - not all of the species were able to cross the Channel once the Ice Age glaciers melted and your island became inhabitable again.

    But if you have good hatch of the kind of medium size olive Caddis fly that hatches at about sunset and is most abundant about this time of the year - then I am sure a fly like these will be effective.



  3. These look exceptionally effective! I've been in a nymph kick lately. Lovely bugs...and blog! Cheers...

  4. Very nice! Have you thought of publishing the pattern ? ;)

  5. Yes, do you have the material list....? ;) I'd love to tie something similar for some high country streams this weekend.

  6. Thanks for your interest in this fly & my little blog :)

    The materials are simple:
    * lightly curved hook of your choice
    * a little lead (optional)
    * abdomen dubbed of olive rabbit fur
    * pheasant tail for the back cover
    * yellow embroidery thread for ribbing
    * hen pheasant primaries for wing buds
    * rough hare fur for thorax
    * two badger hairs for antennae

    A 10 step tying sequence with photos is on my Step by Step pages: