Friday, January 4, 2013

Olive Heron Mayfly

Yesterday I published a post on the importance of a fly tier knowing when to abandon the slavish imitative style in order to let his imagination fly on a Pegasus wing. I still stand by that opinion, but on the other hand I do not wish to disparage the Halfordian legacy.

The imitative tying style has its benefits - not least of which is the satisfaction a fly tier feels when he reproduces from a few threads and bits of feather a simulacrum of an insect that is capable not only of tricking of a wily predator but also of pleasing the eye of its maker.

The tie:

#16 Hanák H130 hook
UTC #70 Ultra thread, color Tan
a few fibres of Coq de León for tails
Heron herl, dyed Picric, for body
two CDC feathers, spun in a loop and cut to shape for wings