Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pink CZ Nymph (růžový blešoun)

The tie:
#8 Skalka type G hook
pink rabbit & fluo pink SLF dubbing
flashy pink body cover
0,16 mm spinning mono rib

It is said that the Gammarus shrimp turn pink when molting (changing skin), so fish are used to such finding such a color in their favorite food item. When molting the shrimp also become temporarily blind (they shed skin on their eyes as well) and thus vulnerable and a easy source of protein to hungry fish.
On the other hand it is well known that grayling have soft spot for the color pink in general.

No matter whether you subscribe to the imitative or attractor explanation of this phenomena it is very important to have a few CZ nymphs in pink in your fly box when setting out on a grayling trip.

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