Thursday, February 25, 2010

March Brown (Variant) for a swap

The tie:
#12 Lake hook by Skalka
Red Benecchi tying thread
natural dubbing from Hare's back
UNI gold tinsel #16
low quality (very cheap, Chinese?) hen hackle
Teal flank for wing

I got involved in a swap again, this time the theme was "Traditional wet". I can think of no other pattern which could measure up to the tradition associated with the March Brown, at least around where I live - which is sort of funny, as the particular mayfly on which the pattern is supposed to be based, Rhitogena germanica, was all but wiped out due to pollution. Anyhow, it will be March in a couple days so March Brown it is.
The canonical March Brown is supposed to have wings from feather slips, but I have found drake (or teal in this case) wings to be equally appealing and much more durable than pheasant primaries.
This particular pattern has been a steady producer for me for last couple of seasons on both rivers and still waters.

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