Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Opossum & CDC Caddis

As the waters in rivers slowly subside to level that allows dry fly fishing the first caddis flies are starting to appear. They are eagerly met by hungry trout, which are slowly lured by the rising stream temperature from deep pools to more shallow runs and getting more active.

The tie:
#10 Hanák 130BL Hook
8/0 UNI thread Tan
UNI Stretch Light Olive for tag
fine gold ribbing
Homemade dubbing mix - natural brown Opossum + violet UV flash
3 CDC feathers for wing
1 largish CDC feather spun in loop for hackle

The fly can be tied with more contrasting tag - orange, chartreuse, pink - but in this case I decided for a more subdued look. This is however not the only option and especially orange tag should be seriously considered (it works!)

The CDC hackle is intentionally tied from feather with very long fibers - the splayed mess of CDC "legs" creates lots of movement once on water and constitutes a major trigger point.

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