Sunday, August 22, 2010

August on Střela

Late August - it is still hot, with the temperatures around 30°C - but the summer is clearly ending. This was possible the last really hot weekend this year.

For the weekend I headed west to Střela, my favorite small stream. Due to its smaller size it regained fishable level after the recent floods faster than bigger rivers. The waters were still a bit higher and more colored than I would like, but the river was clearly fishable.

I fished with my good friend Vlado, who has a small cabin on the river. We originally struggled to find the right fly - in the end Vlado selected a big juicy Stimulator, and was rewarded by some fine trout.

I for my own part stuck to the Barbie dun pinkish mayfly. The pattern proved to be just irresistible to both trout and grayling alike.

At the end of the day a very late Mayfly dun floated by me, as I was wading the river. I don't know what it was looking for, but it surely was way past May today :)

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  1. Nice fishing! It´s good to see that you are enjoying the summer.