Thursday, December 9, 2010

Pale Olive Dun

A test of homemade silk dubbing that I dyed myself  to Golden Olive color and mixed in a coffee grinder. I have to work a bit on the color range, but for a first result it is not so bad. Looks well and makes a fine dubbing rope, suitable for the very smallest flies.

The tie:
#18 Hanák 130 Hook
14/0 Sheer thread Grey
Coq de León tails
homemade Pale Olive dubbing
CDC wing


  1. Great looking tie! It takes a while to get on to the dying of materials, but it really opens up the range of colors you can produce colors in!

  2. Thanks. I have been making my own dubbing mixes for some time, but dyeing is new to me. Opens up whole realm of new opportunities for the tying craft.