Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hatching Olive Nymph

I plan to open the 2012 fishing season this Thursday. The rivers are still running high from winters snow - some of the ski resorts are still operating - and recent rains. I have my boxes filled up with the usual lot of brightly coloured super heavy bugs that are the reliable openers of the river fishing season.

But hoping against the odds for a BWO hatch I prepared also a batch of hatching nymphs. The fish will be still sluggish after the long winter, and will not be chasing the duns on water's surface too hard. Lightly greased nymphs fished in the film as emergers might get more reactions.

I keep my fingers crossed...

The tie:
#14 Dohiku 302 wet fly hook
Sheer 14/0 thread gray
light cream rooster hackle for tail
Gütermann Sulky Mylar tinsel rib
Brown Olive goose feather for body
natural hare dubbing for thorax
partridge legs
magpie tail for thorax cover
a light touch of dark CD marker pen to colour the head


  1. Well if anything should do the trick, it would be those...swell looking flies!

    1. Thanks Erin!
      Sadly, I expect the water to be cold, high and muddy and the best scoring flies to look something like these ones but one has to hope for the best (and be prepared for everything)

  2. Congratulations for your blog. Your nymphs are fantastic.