Monday, May 7, 2012

Redheaded CDC Emerger

We are now entering the very interesting phase of fly fishing season when a whole bunch of insects are hatching. Many of the medium sized mayflies - Baetis, Ephemerella, Rhitogena - and early caddis flies compete for the attention of hungry trout. Not to mention a horde of terrestrials, such as the Hawthorn. Only the genuine Mayflies will have - thanks to subversive manipulations of pope Gregory XIII - to wait till June.

Given such wide spectrum of hatching insects it will not be necessary to present a specific imitation - a general imitation, open to represent both a hatching mayfly and a smallish caddis fly. A hotspot has been added to give the trout a reason to pick the "right" fly out of the scores of similar ones drifting by.

The tie:
#12 TMC 2487 BL hook
tan pantyhose tying thread (not visible)
Gütermann Sulky Mylar tinsel rib
natural hare body & thorax (lightly roughened with a velcro strip)
4 CDC feathers
red Danville 6/0 Flymaster thread (just for the head)

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