Monday, June 11, 2012


It is that time of the year again. While the grayling are slowly nursing their strenght back from spawning earlier in the year the trout indulge in Mayfly Maddness. Tiny troutlings barely able to fit a female Danica in their mouth and big lunkers who by theory should be entirely piscivorous alike go crazy at the sight of the yellow helicopters.

Lately I have been keeping myself busy with non-fishing activities, but it would be shame to miss the number one hatch entirely. I headed to a remote stream, where I could enjoy the hatch in solitude. I was fishing in altitude of some 460 meters above sea level, so by early June the hatch was about starting. Individual duns will hatch until late July, but there will not be enough of them around to keep the fish activity at the frenzy level.

Each time I witness a Mayfly hatch I am amazed by the huge size of the insects. I am used to the tiny hatches of the Grayling season, pitting the tiny naturals aganist my tying skills and visibility concerns. Flies in size #18 are the usual compromise. When fishing the Mayfly I sometimes struggle with the fact that my imitations tied on a #8 hook are not big enough - a rare problem indeed!


  1. Always love to see posts like this one... Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Jindra,

    Nice photo of the Green Drake - and some beautifully colored trout.


  3. Thanks Kostis and Rob,

    it is fun to fish and more fun to share...
    I appreciate your encouragement.