Friday, August 17, 2012

More of the same

The summer is still very much with us and that means high temperatures and low water levels. I am delaying the start of proper Grayling fishing season on small streams till the conditions improve.

In the meantime I spent a some more time on the river Ohře, famous for its caddis hatches. I even had a special rod made for this river, built on the green Winston WT blank.

The best part of the day on Ohře is at dusk. The caddis hatch is still strong, and predictable. It continues to amuse me that the river is so full of mayflies that it has the look and consistency of a soup - but the fish let the hatching olives and sulphurs pass, only to become active on the surface when the caddis start to hatch.

The variance in color and spots of the fish in Ohře is tremendous - these two fish were caught about ten meters from each other, but look very differently. I will have to consult a ichthyologist friend whether there is a good reason for this, or whether it is just another aspect of the natural tendency of salmonid fish to be unpredictable.

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