Monday, February 3, 2014

Dennis the Menace Variations

Dennis the Menace is one of my two favorite buzzer patterns (the other is black & pearl). It has served me well over the years, especially on recently stocked fish. Apart from its appeal to the fish I appreciate that it consists only of 2 materials - red tinsel and black UNI floss, the butt end serving as ribbing.

I was wondering whether the concept of this very effective stillwater fly could translate to a river pattern. And so I tied a variation, using a red beadhead and barbless hook.

The tie:
#12 Hanák 260 BL heavy wire short shank hook
black UNI tying thread
a pinch of rooster hackle fibres dyed black (not too well dyed)
red Gütermann tinsel for ribbing
black rabbit dubbing for body
black Mohair dubbing for collar, teased out with velcro brush