Friday, December 19, 2014

Redheaded F-fly

A prominent red head on an othervise drab fly has a strange appeal to fish, and thus to the fisherman. I can't tell the exact reason, but I don't need to know it to make use of it in my tying.

This fly I created with autumn stoneflies in mind. On many rivers that I fish a hatch of needle flies appears in early October, overlapping the better known Baetis hatch. The Baetis are reliable fish catchers, and a #18 Olive quill is during the month of October a low risk choice, but sometimes a more substantial imitation of the larger needle flies yields better results.

The tie:
#16 Hanák H130 BL hook
tan elastic tying thread
Gütermann mirage tinsel ribbing
red fox dubbing
2 tips of CDC feather
a prominent head from Danville's 70 dernier red thread

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