Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Starting the 2015 season

For my starting my 2015 season I decided to visit the river Úpa. This river has given me great fishing memories - both at the very end, and the very beginning of the season. This year I was not so lucky.

The river was high, and better suited for whitewater canoeing - in fact I did meet a few canoers, and they had more fun than I - than trout fishing. I struggled, with the fish present but put off by the high water and recent weather changes.

To crown my awkward start of the season I managed to lose my footing on a slippery rock and take a short swim. The fishing was over for the day.

As I had a change of clothes ready in the car I took a while to shoot some pictures of the river and nature in general, but I will have to wait a while longer to catch, and release, my first fish of the 2015 season...

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