Monday, March 1, 2010

Uhorčík (a nymph)

The tie:
#12 Lake hook by Skalka
3.3 mm tungsten bead, gold
Red rooster hackle fibres
UNI 8/0 thread Tan
UNI Neon thread Green
UNI gold tinsel #16
Hare dubbing from flank (creamy and fine)
Hare dubbing from back (dark and scruffy)

This fly comes from Slovakia and is called after legendary bandit leader and folk hero Tomáš Uhorčík (friend and tutor of better known Juraj Jánošík). A variant with orange tip is called Hrajnoha (another folklore hero).

Both Uhorčík and Hrajnoha are very good choice for early season Browns - when the water is high, cold and muddy and fish not exactly cooperative. At times like these you wish for a fly that will sink deep and fast and comes loaded with trigger points.