Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Hackle Olive Quill

A new tying sequence has been added to my SBS pages - No Hackle Olive Quill. It is a neat little fly, a great favorite of Czech grayling and sure to work wonders when the autumn generation of Baetis sp. hatches (i.e. about this time of the year).

I will award a special price to the first person to correctly guess the currency on the picture! :)


  1. Lovely looking flies mate, definitely going to tie a few of those up.

    My Jordanian friend is telling me that the coin is 50 qirshe/piastres coin also called half a dinar?!

    Not what you know its who you know lol


  2. And a half dinar it is! I should have chosen something more challenging, like Croatian Kuna with the tuna fish relief.

    You will have some flies off me, if you give me your snail mail address



  3. Salve.
    Leggo spesso il tuo blog, complimenti è davvero bello. Sopratutto le foto e le imitazioni.
    Bravo continua così.
    Ciao Tillan

  4. Great ties! Gonna have to give these a try